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Submission Form


If submitting for a student, please tell us the grade level.

Please keep your submission to 350 words or what can be said, sung, or performed in 3 minutes. Submissions may be written, audio or video or a photograph or painting. If possible, please include a photo of yourself and if possible, a photo pertinent to your story. If you get stuck in your story, need help with revisions, contact Jean Jackman who will arrange for a volunteer to help you. Add any questions to the comment field of this form.

Please separately e-mail photographs (highest resolution possible)and/or audio files to Jean Jackman.  If you have video files, please contact Jean Jackman.

Type or paste your story here. Stories may also be submitted by e-mail or snail mail.
I give my permission for my scrapbook submission to be included on the website, on exhibits, used at performances or other activities of Davis Community Scrapbook with no remuneration. I affirm that I am 18 years of age or older, and if signing for a minor, I understand that I may choose the method of identification.
If submitting for a minor, how should we identify your child? If signing for a minor, please print out this form with your signature and send to DCS, 306 Del Oro Ave, Davis, CA, 95616.

If signing for a minor, print this form, sign and print your name at the bottom.  Then submit your story electronically using the "submit" button below.  Send signed permission to DCS, 306 Del Oro Ave, Davis, CA, 95616.


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